Shefford Christmas Lights

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We spent the last two weekends working with the volunteers in Shefford, assisting with the preparation for the Shefford Christmas Lights. Each year a number of volunteers assemble and install the Shefford Christmas Lights over four weekends, generously donating more than six hundred man-hours, to get the Christmas Lights ready for the late November switch on.

Works include hanging hundred and hundreds of metres of cabling the entire length of both sides of Shefford High Street, Southbridge Street and Northbridge Street and installing thousands of light bulbs on each. This year a large quantity of the bulbs have been replaced with plastic LED bulbs, which should lower running costs, rather than the traditional glass bulbs. Not only are they cheaper to run they are a little more robust and do not break quite so easily.

During Summer months, volunteers quietly work in the background testing and repairing all of the lights that have failed from age, weather ingress and general wear and tear. Works can include completely replacing all electrics, stripping out old cabling and replacing failed LED light tubing.

We’ve had a great time getting involved with the volunteers, helping out where can and we shall be helping over the remaining weekends to ensure the lights and decorations are ready for the Shefford Christmas Lights – November 25th 2017 switch on.

You can find out more on the Shefford Christmas Lights Facebook page here

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