Sound Directions Ltd

Sound Directions Ltd

Portfolio Description

For this project we started by moving the hosting for the Sound Directions website to a new high-speed VPS web server. Once we had a satisfactory development domain our designers were able to completely re-designed the look and feel of the Sound Directions website to bring it into line with the company style and branding.

The new website included a new navigation system to make navigation easy and intuitive. The new website was built using WordPress with a fully customised theme by us and we also made the site completely dynamic to enable it to work well with portable and mobile devices.

We successfully installed an SSL certificate and optimised all of the images used on the website so that the page load speed is not compromised.

Portfolio Details

Nick Spalding Ltd took care of the migration from our old website to the new website seamlessly. As well as developing a completely new look and feel Nick and his team made our website more appealing and in line with our company image.

Stanislas Boivin-ChampeauxDirector

More Information

In addition to the high-speed hosting we regularly maintain the website for Sound Directions, updating core operating and Wordpress themes and plugins to keep the website operating optimally.