Nick Spalding Ltd was established in 2015 with the aim of providing high quality, inbound marketing resources to manufacturers, Small-Medium Enterprises and businesses targeting growth in commercial audio-visual (AV), professional audio (PRO), and commercial audio sectors.

We have experience at senior levels in manufacturing, distribution and reseller companies in these sectors and we recognise the need for organisations to access high-quality inbound marketing resources that provide improved returns on investment.

We aim to work with top performing companies, in these sectors, who are looking to increase traffic from marketing assets, who want to improve conversion ratios from prospects to leads and leads to customers with the desire to develop nurture and educate philosophies with their contacts, customers and leads.

Using our insight of more than twenty five years into these market sectors we speak the right language, we understand your regular pain points and can make genuine recommendations based upon our expertise and experience in these sectors.

We understand that serving everyone, means you really serve no one, so we choose to work only with companies that are leaders in their fields in these sectors.

We work directly with brand owners, directors and key marketing personnel, who value development of long term relationships and understand the benefits of strategic inbound marketing methodologies, to deliver marketing projects of the highest calibre.

We know that to grow your numbers, we need to work together, to grow your numbers.


We have oodles of experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance and Retail business sectors, so we understand what you need to succeed.


After more than 25 years in key leadership roles in business Nick became the founder of Nick Spalding Ltd in early 2015.

Nick is responsible for customer liaison and project management on a day-to-day basis (and is responsible for walking Ora on an almost as regular basis).

Nick Spalding


After more than 30 years in business finance, accounts and administration departments, Lisa joined the team of Directors at Nick Spalding Ltd in early 2018.

Lisa is the smiling face of our business and is an Inbound Sales and Marketing specialist who loves content production and Social Media.

Lisa Spalding


After rehoming Ora in early 2013, she very quickly became an important family and team member of Nick Spalding Ltd.

Every day begins with a ‘blue sky’ meeting with Ora, very good for grounding and clearing minds for the day ahead.

Ora Spalding

Team Happy